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Torbay's ownership changed effective May 3rd 2010

 Torbay has been sold back to Steve Landsberg...
Martin & Terrol had purchased Torbay
from him at the start of 2002.

There are substantial changes in the works for the property and business,
however none will occur before October of this year.


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As soon as I returned from California ... I am rewarded with the fabulous Lake Nipissing sunsets ...

22 April         &         24 April










And the lake level is really low once again this Spring, the last time being in 1999 (see it at Visitor News bottom left drop-down menu for photos from 1999).       Pics below from 30 April 2010










Brandy is the 'new' Torbay watchdog... she does get muddy in the bush the hounddog that she is...










Spring has Sprung ! Lovely...  These also from30th April




















8th May 2010 ... and we have snowfall warnings from the weather folk ...Yikes!!!

Look at this Winter Wonderland!










The poor trees... had to get in there and shake the wet snow off so they would not snap in half...

and the sufferin' fiddleheads...     -5 tonight too !










This same day in May the Angel Poitras group took to the snow... I did not get the bikini shot(s) but here is the next best lol










Latter part of May and the weather continues dry and HOT ... Victoria Day weekend saw new high temperature records set throughout the region ... brought out large numbers of locals to the extended beach...

Russ and his brother enjoying dinner on the dock at sunset time...



















Sunset May 25th  

On the 17th of June Terrol, Jim and I (with the dogs Sadie and Brandy) went on a rainy bush hike
to see the many Heron nests and rookery out SE of North Bay.
The half hour hike was most rewarding as there must be some 50 nests out in the swamp!










   The Wagner Family from British Columbia...                               and the Geese and Goselings? at the pond not far from Torbay...










The unsurpassed sunsets at Torbay....                                  Part of the Fletcher Wedding Clan enjoying a beautiful evening...










           Torbay Flowers by Terrol Getson ...                                                                                       










           Double Rainbow over Torbay eve of June 29th                                                                                 Passion flower at the front door...












Friends Tim & Carla live just up the beach and produce these fine wooden vessels. Hand crafted, Tim's creations are an expert marriage of form and function, polished brass and mirror varnish.

You can have such unsurpassed aesthetic symmetry custom made for you.

Take a tour of Marrin Marine




The Shad Flies were around for almost four weeks this year... crazy... had to have the yard lights out for much of this time...

Torbay flowers by Terrol Getson.... mmm ...










The Downard Clan ... the kids had a fabulous time... and so the adults too it seems...










The Hoffman's, also here for two weeks enjoying some fabulous weather as well...










Some very warm weather for several days... actually much of a two week stretch saw temps in and around the 30 C degree mark...

Heat 14th July                                                                                                 And the lake? nowhere to be found lol











  A bit of water near the shore after some heavy rain
  soon evaporated in the wind and heat  

The Howards practicing (ahem) miniput next door...      







Joyce and Michael ... enjoying their new summer home



Sunset 13 July                               








The green green grass of ... Torbay


Shawn and Guylene Seles... two weeks of reading and peace!








The Forget Clan from the Montreal area
with some local flavor mixed in lol ...

                       More Passion Flowers by the BBQ area               









The Gregor Family have a few laughs with the Seles 

                                                              Adam Gregor with the new family member      









The Ashfords visiting with the Brownings who return annually
and this year finally had perfect weather... one in three is not bad eh?

The Gangster's Poker Table... Russ Horner and his Parents
...somebody lost 8 cents that night...              
You can tell Russ has vacationed here for way too long !!!








The Wild Sunsets of 2010 continue !!!

Everyone has to hike some distance to the water's edge due
the dry and hot summer, and it was no different for
the Rousella Family seen here on one of these dry, hot days...










Ok, we bent the rules and allowed a campfire in spite of a ban on fires in City

Sunset 06 August










Marc & Angela Hannah busy beachside... children Kayla & Tyler along with Brandy opposite










Ann Ryan, always ready with a smile while the Attolicos family gathers lakeside at the end of a swimming day










Rose and Chuck Clark in a romantic moment                                                                                                Sunset 04 August                 










Brandy is of course very busy... going door to cottage door & table to picnic table,
hoping for some errand 'droppings' of a treat... then she must work off those calories...
meanwhile the lake level continues to retreat...










Danielle & Michel at the office 09 Aug 2010              










We managed to endure an all-day rain on the 8th of August but this was not much help for the lake. Still, some 21mm fell 
and so Jim Younis & daughter Melissa (troopers that they are) BBQ'd in the downpour -
- not that we can tell from this pic but it was really coming down!!!

The Chadwick and Piche families caught while watching
one of our fabulous sunsets, this event Aug 9th








Younis Clan hoping to go boating             


Sandpiper out by the beach ponds    










... some of the Guillemette Family snapping the beautiful sunsets (opposite Aug 15)










August 15th                                                                                         August 16th


      August 17th ... they just keep getting better, eh?

                                                    Joyce and Friends... Joyce spent five + weeks
of our glorious summer here at Torbay










John & Rosie Sturino performing Cedar Plank Salmon... and the whole family attest to how wonderful this turned out...



















The Guillemette group having an evening Pow Wow     

The Bondette/McLeod families celebrating
Jean & Gord's 60th anniversary  ... another Wow!  










Monica & Brian Sheldrake enjoying time with mom and a week with out kids.










         Sunset Aug 27

Sandi & Jim Hamilton here on their 50th Anniversary,
meeting their extended family arriving to celebrate









Brandy enjoying the morning sun at Puppy Play

And the Heat goes on... new records most days toward the end of August









                       ...early morning view of    'The Beach'   at the end August



















Summer is quickly drawing to an end while Torbay remains busy for the weekends

Labour Day Weekend saw numerous 'show' cars at Torbay... Organizer of the 4th annual OK Tire - North Bay Charity Car & Bike show, Vickie Le, saw 150+ cars at the show at Lee Park by the overpass on Sunday, in spite of a somewhat wet, cool and windy weekend. 
They raised about $4500. for the local Food Bank... Way to go Vickie - and participants !












The weekend following saw the 10th annual Runway Romp at the Airport and is two days of vintage motorcycle racing (Sep 11&12) ... and every year Torbay sees some of the participants spending a couple of nights.


Now that the summer season is over, Torbay is occupied by several families, some moving here, others in the process of building a new house and using the cottages as temporary accommodations.

Some of the cottages are also occupied by contractors working at the new sports complex being built just down Lakeshore Drive and so we enter the time of change at Torbay...


sliver of the moon set September 10th      

.Dramatic Sky September 12th










As Torbay enjoyed dramatic skies, the beginning of serious changes started ...    In the summer of 2009   -   I started a process with the now previous owners of Martin & Terrol to purchase half of Torbay.  This would see me sever the property into two lots and therefore two separate businesses,  M & T would keep half to run as a B&B (the part with the house) and I would run the other half as 'cottages'.  However in the Fall of 2009 M & T decided they would prefer to retire fully and so I made the decision to purchase all of Torbay back after 8.5 years. I would therefore attempt to sever the property and eventually offer the B & B half for sale. 



Much work needed to be accomplished in little time through the Fall to make the division of Torbay a reality as both properties now required separate services.  Some of the larger items included the creation of a separate (still joined) driveway/entrance, new potable water services, individual sewer services, and the most expensive change, separate electrical services to each property.



Repairing of the main water service at the 'cottages' entrance   




 Many leaves and Brandy had a ball undoing the doing of the raking lol









Installation of the new water service for the B & B side    





Electrical conduit for underground hydro ...

All the buildings are now serviced by underground electrics, with central metering for each 'side'





There sure was lots of digging of trenches everywhere ....     







Even the Road had to be dug up to get to the main transformer







New Driveway installation       






Also the Gas Company had to come in and do some welding on the main feed to the cottages so that some redundant piping could be removed along with the meter for Cottage # 1





Of course the fabulous sunsets continue unabated... and slowly the water is returning to the shore... slowly ... and barely ...


The BIG changes were yet to come !

As part of the severance process and agreement both # 1 and #10 cottages have to be removed. These two buildings straddle the new lot line that will separate the properties.



Here you see # 1 jacked up already at the middle of November








A young couple with two children will call # 1 Cottage 'Home' in Warren by next fall. They will place the building on a basement and perhaps construct an addition as well



# 10 also had to go, and went to South River, here being craned onto a low-boy trailer






Nearly all this visible activity occurred in November/December of 2010, although there was months of preparation, much of it paperwork





Meantime Winter was announcing it's imminent arrival and you can see the water 'just' made it back to shore in time for it to freeze...    











The Company to do the actual move of the Cottage is out of Kearney. Also a Family operation, they assembled a 'trailer' under and behind the cottage, then pulled the building onto the frame... a rather slick operation to be sure  















The Cottage was moved to the big parking lot next door
for the final stage of operations ...






Looking very different at Torbay ... Brandy can't believe her eyes...















The last stage was to remove part of the roof. This would eliminate the need for special escorts and associated costs as the building would have been too high. By bringing it to under 16ft the actual road trip would be much simpler and less costly to complete











... Removing the footings ... just before the major snow and cold arrived early December ... unfortunately the weather closed in so quickly that it was not possible to fill in the holes and do some landscaping, all this work will now have to wait until next May and June










  Christmas came and went, Torbay was busy with guests over Christmas, but rather quiet for the New Year celebrations....

Boxing Day Sunset                         









Christmas Cactus flower             







And so ends 2010 ... and many more changes to come for 2011

We hope yours will be as wonderful as it can be !


Thanks for visiting ! ~ Steve



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