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    And the New year has arrived in style... sans Cottage # 1...

                      Brandy's style, break-dancing  on the lake...














      Brandy and I spend much time on the bush trails near Torbay





A relatively slow start to the winter season brought a couple of groups
for ice fishing with
Grump & Grumpy’s, and later in the month
the trails opened for snowmobiling



Beardmore group, the first snowmobilers of the season had perfect conditions after a fresh snowfall ...











Catching the sunset, 29th January is the Cooper clan near the end of January












            Sunset Point  in b&w








                                                     Feb 8th




The Hopkins Party ... and it was indeed...




















Part of the Manthel group during the thaw Feb 16-18      







  We went from thaw to snow ... and from quiet to busy...




 ... and the trails were fabulous ... but only for a few days at a time...







         ... and then from busy to quiet as the rain returned...



Some Guests were luckier with the weather than others !!!








                                            Sunset 19th Feb


After the wetness... which seemed to be most weekends
... then there were days of wonder on the trails...


   Middle of March already and the season is over as
     ice fishing ends today (the 15th)  ... shacks have
       to be off-ice by month's end







                                        Sunset March 14th









   Mid March it came time to remove some trees. I did this with a very heavy heart, however the large Maple by # 3 was lifting the foundation of the cottage the last few years and it was only a matter of time before it would cause serious damage to both the footings and the entry-way.





   And the big Ash by # 5 also had to be taken down because the root system had been compromised due to the digging on two sides for the waterline and the underground hydro. Not only would there be significant die-back on the branches, but also the tree was at risk of being blown over onto the cottage by a strong off-lake wind storm.  This Ash also had a huge hole in it's center further compromising it's integrity. It looks Very different around here now!




The good news is that the wood goes to a local mill where the usable parts will become floorboards and counter-tops etc while the balance becomes firewood in trade.











And of course the sunsets continue to amaze...






Brandy and I continue our walks in the bush every afternoon...
                  Spring is in the Air ...




Sunset April 24






Through April and May business was also brisk with Cloture3Saison and Daviault here taking several cottages while they worked on completion of the fencing for North Bay's new Sportsfield just down Lakesore Drive.

Torbay provides a niche market during the off-season for a whole variety of families and workers requiring a 'home away from home', especially suitable for extended periods where eating out every day is not only expensive but also unhealthy for the most part.


Brandy is happiest chasing the bunnies and deer on our daily bush walks...










I hired professionals to move the Blue Spruce from the front of the
house to the side yard as it was getting too large and blocking the view

Way too many great sunsets... this one April 29                









In May new decks were installed for Cottage 3, 4 & 5 ...
I felt that with the removal of some of the yard to make way
for the new (twin) driveway(s) as part of the severance, this
would be a way of giving back, and a bit of a trellis/roof system
will help provide some shade as the big shade trees in front of
# 3 and # 5 had to be removed.

May 14     2011                               









Cottage 5 ... new beginnings ...











May 12th                 










                  Fiddleheads by # 7

May 22nd                    









  Trillium on one of the Brandy walks...

May 19                










Terrol & I, with Sadie and Brandy make many walks in the bush and trails etc... here are some of the wildflowers...


   Columbine                                                                                                                                     ummm?










                                                         Sadie.... and Brandy off in the distance




















Rene Morin from Montreal (Cloture3Saison) returned for final inspections to the work performed on our new Sportsfield. 
Some of the fencing is 45ft high... nice truck!                                            Young, fresh Oak leaves      May 21              










        Later in May the work began on twinning the driveways, eventually to be separated by a row of Cedar trees (hedge) to deliniate the new property line.  Here my friend Kent is saving me much backbreaking...











May 27             









             Wet Brandy thinking about the ducks... again !

June 04    











  Early June this huge silkworm moth was at Cottage 5's front step.
Wingspan was a full 5 inches. Michele Smith was kind enough to email me that this is the largest of the giant silkworm moths and is considered a 'pest'. Proper name is Hyalophora cecropia... ya, with a name like that a pest for sure lol


                              Sunsets continued to be wild... this June 8th










Mark Martin from Otis elevator enjoying a late evening angling for the pike
at the end of the dock


First week of June I hired a crew to dig the trench and fill this with soil to be the new home for the Cedar tree property line.  Since Torbay is ALL sand, we dug a trench 2ft deep and 1.5ft wide and removed all the sand and filled this with topsoil.


Then some bone meal followed by the planting of 190 fresh high-plains Cedars that came from the highlands near Peterborough.








Mid June Bday Party for Moe McGuinty


Prepping the area for the motorhome and shed ...

Middle of June ducklings


... and the loons ... not to be left out...










June 21     










Witch's broom on the trails ...         





















Late June the Shad flies returned, as did Al Hoffman from BC (below)




















          As we head into summer... many guests returning for another year, some have been coming to Torbay since the early 1990's !

     The Downard Families returned this year, here a game of Lacrosse on the beach early July










                    July 3rd                                                                                                               Passion flowers near the bbq area ...











      Spectacular, no?                 hard to outdoo Nipissing Sunsets imo









The Beachamp Family mid July













8th of July


















The Seles and Gregor Families return...


July 12                         



















The Family of Phil & Nicky Doucette 

Chief Commanda II  










The only sandcastle that was built this summer ! & I dunno who dunnit!













Frank & Adam Gregor  braisin' up 'dem ribs










                                                                                                The Forget clan tailgating...











THE HEAT OF JULY 21 !!!                                                                      36.4 C      in the shade by the Office...










Kim McCabe & Bandit waiting for another sunset










Monarch @ cottage 5                                                                     Sunset July 24










Brandy's friend Michael (Mikey) ... Joyce's daughter's puppy.... Joyce stayed in the Motorhome for the summer...










Clematis @ Cottage 5                 










Threatening Clouds and Weather with the storm that came through July 29th












On the trails... Indian Pipe                         










                    ... Spotted Dick ...                                                                                             ... that storm of July 29th ...










Hannah family stopped for a visit, having a terrible time of it too...










The Bernier Group enjoying super summer weather






















Barb & Randy Brokloff (neighbours Tammy & Darryl in the background)

... the PaddlebreakerboyZ ... thanks for the Canadian Eh?










The M&M girls, Maureen and Marlene Howard                                    Joyce Boetger & her 94 year old Mom (who loves the beach....)

The Lazy Dayz of Summer zzzz










                 Paddling with Joyce & Brandy










Yours Truly...










Alex & Marco enjoying the company of Rayne & Brynn                                  ...  while Randy & Barb are chillin' at Sunset










Sunset Point down the beach




















The 4th of August












                    The Younis Girlzzzzz below

& the whole family out for a swim...  ...with a couple of rainy and cool days possibly not the nicest week of this summer...











                  Garden @ Cottage # 6










On the trails...










Since fires are not permitted in the City, this one was snuck down the beach...

The Chadwicks on the dock






















Gerry & Janet Coulter with friends and former owners Terrol & Martin Newland










    Photo time at dusk for Lauren & Mathew Chadwick           








Turning out for the super sunset August 14th


Rocky up the neighbour's tree...









Marie Beaupre & Erick Verhelst here for another week    











Mandeville by Cottage 2                      

As August progressed Brian and Monica Sheldrake came by for another week









Delta came back to soak up the Heat!             

Hordur and Chritiane visited from France










Blue Heron leaving the dock area Aug 28th     










New flower gardens at Cottage 4 and 5 (thanks Terrol ! )










The Van-Lith's                                                                     and the Zinner clan






























Some of the flowers of Torbay...                      Passion Flower by the BBQ's




















Dartura pods forming 





















            ... The End of Summer


Summer sort of ended after a busy Labour Day weekend, activity with guests slowed though September and October. The sunsets remained fabulous and the weather superb.


While working on some detailing at Torbay, much time was also spent on the trails with Terrol and Joyce, Sadie and Mikey and of course Brandy.


Here are some trail photos and sunsets...

Hummingbird by the bbq area                    

Sunset September 8th












Terrol & Joyce with Sadie and Mikey ... Brandy is out there ... somewhere !



















Part of the Trans Canada Trail Network

Sept 14th










The fabulous fall weather continued through our Thanksgiving end of first week of October, and in fact we went swimming on Thanksgiving Monday it was such a beautiful and warm day.... the water was just a tad on the cool side lol












On the local trails near the Marina










On the Duchesnay Falls trails early October











At Sunset Point...










It was so warm leading through Thanksgiving weekend that the bees came out again,
visiting the Cosmos at Cottage 4 and 5 and Morning Glory at Cottage 3














































Mid October I picked up my father (Egon) in Quebec City (he is 94 !)  plucking him from his year-long Odyssey aboard the MSC Poesia. He had been 'cruising' for a whole year! and I was able to spend the last night on board with him.










You can follow his escapades on his website
Mid November I drove Dad to Toronto to board a flight to Cozumel, Mexico where he will spend the winter in an all inclusive resort (Sabor).

Once November hit things got busier in the Guest department, and somewhat surprisingly there were quite a few days when we had no vacancy. Clients comprised families renovating their homes, local temporary work assignments, studies & education, and so on. Some guests were local, others from Iceland, France, Greenland and Quebec, BC, Alberta and of course various parts of Ontario.












I was also busy finalizing some more items dealing with the severance of the property, among them the widening (again) of the driveway to accommodate the needed extra access and also the relocation of the telephone pole that was now in the middle of the drive for the 585 Banner side. There were also site plan finalizations for the City to be completed and submitted before mid November.




First serious snow ... November 30                  


The busy times continued to mid December before a short break
just ahead of the Christmas event. ...






Now, here we are a day before Christmas and there is no snow!

Very unusual for North Bay to have a Green Christmas!





Sunset Dec 23rd












Happy Holidays! 





 ...our Christmas Tree ... and the Christmas Cactus blooming once again...




We have many Guests for the Holidays and Torbay
will be full with family visiting family


 We are supposed to get a few cm of snow on the eve of Christmas
and also Dec 25th... perhaps our Christmas will indeed be White


The Gateway to the New Year
Step on through and may You enjoy Health and Prosperity in 2012











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