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What a Wonderful World.... 2 minutes of your time


The Story of Little Black Sambo is a children's book written and illustrated by Helen Bannerman, and first published by Grant Richards in October 1899 as one in a series of small-format books called The Dumpy Books for Children.

Sambo is a South Indian boy who encounters four hungry tigers, and surrenders his colourful new clothes, shoes, and umbrella so they will not eat him. The tigers are vain and each thinks he is better dressed than the others. They chase each other around a tree until they are reduced to a pool of melted butter. Sambo then recovers his clothes and his mother makes pancakes of the butter. The story was a children's favourite for half a century until the word sambo was deemed a racial slur in some countries, and the illustrations considered reminiscent of "darky iconography". Both text and illustrations have undergone considerable revision since.


        Early January winds bring out the kite-boarders                            ... while Brandy shakes of the Old Year to make room for the New !











January turned into a month of extremes... record mild temperatures during the first half with most of the snow melting away & periods of rain keeping snowmobile trails closed and the lakes unsafe for anything heavier than foot traffic.






By the third week we flipped to record cold, with the bitter cold lasting a full week, preceded by a major snowfall. This allowed some of the trails to open and ice fishing to proceed, in spite of a new and reduced limit for Walleye




North Bay is blessed with so much commercial construction and development going on from which Torbay continues to benefit with corporate clients filling the void caused by reduced ice-fishing and snowmobiling activity. 


Our latest partners braving the January cold are :     


The flippin' weather did not stop there... during the last week of January we endured a second 'January Thaw',
but this one dropped some 45mm (just under 2") of rain ! ... This closed all trails again for several days and there was flooding in various parts of the City too. This was followed by another deep freeze through the end of the month and into the first part of February, but the trails for snowmobiling are open mostly available again. Ice fishing is also in full swing, and the fishing has been quite good from what we are hearing here.  There have been some wild winds with blowing and drifting too...










               Ice Shacks at Sunrise ... the fishing has been the Best in Years !


Sunset 08 February                                                               Finally the YoYo weather stabilized and all the trails opened,
Ice-fishing is super and everyone is smiling!

Here the Westin Group who sledded in from Pettawawa     









The Ferringer Group out of Pennsylvania had
perfect conditions mid - February


The NBSSR activities had perfect conditions Feb 9/10 ... next one Mar 2/3








The Haisers back for another week...













Lake traffic after sunset 'returning home' (snowmobiles and cars/trucks)
with roughly 2 - 3 ft of good ice third week of February

Interspersed with weekend snowmobilers and ice-fishers, Torbay has become home to two families - victims of house fires in town...
sad circumstances, however nobody was hurt and we are pleased to provide a workable but temporary home away from home.

Seen in passing, typical Canadians going to the Beer Store eh?












  Nice to see some new(er) sleds around

... come a long way in 30 years and many look (and perform) like exotic cars


















Late - day return off the ice (from fishing) ... conditions and catches
are the best they have been in 10 years from what we are hearing...










Ice Fishing is over as of the 15th of March and now the shacks are lining up along the shore. All shacks have to be off-ice by end of the month...

... although it sure looks and feels like Winter is hanging on well past the beginning of Spring on our calendar


Sunset April 20     Our Lake level is very high                     








Ice @ Sunset Park April 22


 ... and then it happened.. the wind shifted and with the high water allowed the ice to move close to shore and it simply and annoyingly destroyed the dock!








Nice to see the birds back... well, some of them...


Here it was, 8.30 in the eve of April 24 ... me scrambling to get
the Muskoka chairs and picnic table to shore...   icy water to be sure !








April 28th










Egon Theodore Landsberg        09 Feb 1917 - 30 Apr 2013


I have not updated here much in March & April as my father's health deteriorated rapidly as there were many visits to doctors and specialists with various efforts to control increasing pain. Dad knew that without chemo and radiation (he felt his quality of life was more important - and rightfully so) his days would be numbered, and so the cancer discovered last year (when he was 95), along with the stroke last July, together took their toll early in the morning of April 30th.

My father lived a long and rich life full of wanderlust, adventure and intrigue, caring, generosity and love. He was gifted with intelligence and talent, sharing all his attributes willingly and freely to everyone who traversed his path. A good listener, he spoke his mind and expressed a distaste for incompetence. Egon was a student of Man, or perhaps more precisely the 'Mensch' in Mankind.




The last two years Dad spent 'living' and entertaining on a cruise ship (MSC Poesia), feeling that he was not to spend his time in a 'home - waiting for God', Thus he went traveling - from Greece and Italy to Iceland and Norway, the southern Carribean to Quebec all the while playing the white Grand Piano in the Atrium of the ship. While he spoke five languages, he was a master at scrabble for some 40 years, seldom missing an opportunity to trounce his opponent even with English not being his mother tongue. 







Egon also maintained a blog on his website and had many thousands of fans on Cruise Critic. Within the hundreds of contacts of Family, Friends, and Acquaintances in my father's email groups (where they received his reports directly), many were touched by his travels in later years, while some graced his life for 60 years and more. Some of 'his-story' is found on his website at the link below, a site rather incomplete but with sufficient representation of his last sixty years or so. Egon lived his last months near me in a retirement village here in North Bay.


photo Hans Kern


Dad's wishes were simple, the lowest cost cremation possible, no memorial service, no fuss, and scatter his ashes, together with those of his third wife, Heidy (2006), over the Lake at Osoyoos in British Columbia where they enjoyed living for over 30 years.

I will miss you Dad, may your music and our memories console us. Love ~ Steve


Dock rebuild coming along in June


Sunset June 6









Storm June 16             

Bob Morrow's group was a super time for a short weekend...










Scott Hamel and Family enjoying some early heat on the beach

July First (sailboat regatta in background)










Leversedge extended Family enjoying first day & night
sunset and the newly rebuilt dock June 29











   Jul 3



Jul 6    





Torbay Flowers...



















Peter Lourenco Family July 8                                                                                                                       Josh Speagle with daughter Landon










Albino Mallard                                                                                                                         and lots of baby ducks around early July










2nd week of July we entered into a Heat Wave ... temps moved into the 30's for a full week and the lake soared to match!
No relief until around the 20th.

         Below, the Jutras and Fleming families ... coping...                                                              water temp near the shore July 17                   










The Jutras family - mid July











                               Evening Storm of July 17th                                                                                                    Sunset July 21st









July and August both saw an increase in corporate/business clients so Torbay was very busy overall
... below the gentlemen from  Hawkins Contracting and Eptcon enjoying a regular evening game of washer-toss ...










The Seles and Gregor families both returned for an extended stay                   ...        along with the Doucette family too...    ... mid July




















Good times for the Leach family   ...                                                                             ...   and also the Fournier family          ...    early August










The Pedwell Family came back to North Bay to visit Family & Friends ...                              and the ducklings on the Beach...










Sunset August 9th                                                                                                         The Leef family also returned for a quieter rest & relaxation










Pettigrew/McLeod family returned for another year of Family and Beach Fun     ... several windy days brought out many of the kite boarders










Sandra Coyle group - mid Aug.                                                                                           ... more treats???  (Brandy is a little mooch-pooch)

Ted & Andrea Chadwick readying for departure after a wonderful two weeks                   ...  Lauren Chadwick waving g'night to the Sun










                   Sunset 16 August                                                                                                 Chris & Dan Ross having a fabulous week here










                    Near the BBQ area....                                                                                         by Cottage # 3










Extended Family of Smith s assembling for group photo...                                          










 the corporate group of Bombardier employees relaxing                                                    Goodwin Family enjoying Beach & Treats










Joyce & Steve (moi) w. Brandy ... first (and likely last) dinner on the dock for 2013 - September 1st
(Lis Goodwin photo)

   Sunsets continue 'special' from our vantage point ... below is Sep 23









Sep 29

                                                 Sep 26









Oct 11

                                                                         Oct 10













                                      Lynne Harris & Family @ beautiful mid October







Fall was fabulous and Torbay's extended-stay guests enjoyed our super weather for much of October and even November

Robert & Lise Mueller


                                         Srinath Guaranath from India











October 12 - last canoe ride...











Some new Corporate Clients ...           


 And new signage ...       


And Fall turns colder - shore ice forming by November 23
















We wish for You and Yours a

 Merry Christmas & a Wonderful 2014










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