Torbay Cottages

The way we were...

1936 -
Closing in on 80 years of service in the lodging industry


The original lodge (above) was built in the 1930's and was destroyed by fire some time in the 1940's

Torbay used to be much much bigger than it is today, in it's early days encompassing the lodge above and some 24  cottages on about 2.5 acres of land.   In the image above, taken from a post card, the caption reads
"Torbay Lodge on Lake Nipissing, No. 11 Highway, 2 1/2 Miles South of North Bay, Ont., Canada (149)".


The 'first' drive-up window for a snack bar was at Torbay



"Internation Dog Team at Torbay Lodge, 7 miles north of Callander, No. 11 Highway Ont. Canada"


For some years in the 1940's there was also a Torbay restaurant downtown






View toward Lake Nipissing with original cottages (now replaced with #1 & #2) by the beach. (1960's photo). These cottages were replaced first in 1978 when #1 was built, then in 1987 #2 was constructed.







1960's photo of #4 & #5 viewed from Banner Ave. These two cottages were built in 1957. Both of the cottages have been renovated several times and both used to have 'side' doors from the kitchen to the outside.







Lakefront Cottages at Torbay
 in the early 1960's









torbayroadold.JPG (24871 bytes)



    Summer view from Banner Avenue in the mid 1970's





This is the another photo of the beach, with the old #2 cottage partially visible.
This picture was taken in the early 1970's






2oldbeach.JPG (11459 bytes)


This is another shot of  #2 (originally #18) from back in the 1970's





View from road to lake (1970's). Cottages by the water were later replaced, but #4 to the right still stands.




1old2.JPG (11328 bytes)



Here is a great shot of the beach and old #1
(then #19) also from the late 70's ?  This cottage was replaced in1978







The Office in 1990

... converted to our
linen shed (1996)






 and then removed in 2010 as part of the severance
(dividing the property in half)













#1 in 1990
(new in 1978)









This is #1 cottage being removed late in 2010 to allow for the severance and new lot line between the two now separate 'halves' of Torbay











#2 in 1990
(new in 1987)





#3 in 1990
(new in 1979)








#4 in 1990






#5 in 1990







#6 in 1990







#7 / #8 in 1990






You can view more recent photos of these cottages here:   view outside/inside our cottages



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