Torbay Cottages

Rules and Conditions


Please, no smoking inside your cottage. Thanks

Office Hours
Office is available generally from 8:00 am to 10:00 pm. I may be out walking Brandy (dog). If you plan on leaving early and have not checked out, please do so the evening before. Check the Office door for a note if it is closed.

Check In and Check Out
Check In is at 3:00 pm. or later.
Check Out is at 10 am. or earlier.       Late checkouts may be possible and may incur an additional charge.

For summer reservations we require a deposit of $200 to $300 depending on the unit. If we have to refund the deposit due to cancellation there is a $25 fee. This is not to line our pockets but are fees that we are charged by our transaction processor. 

Cancellation Policy
For the summer months we require 45 days notice.  If we can rent the cottage we will refund your deposit less the $25 cancellation fee.  During the winter we require at least 2 weeks notice unless there is no snow.

We want everyone to have a good time but appreciate it if you send your visitors home by 10:00pm.  Some of our guests have young children so any outside activities are discouraged after this time.  Overnight visitors are not permitted unless registered due to insurance regulations. If you have lots of day visitors on a regular basis there may be a surcharge levied for the use of facilities - at our discretion but not to exceed $10 per person per day.

There is one reserved parking space for every cottage.  If you have more than one vehicle please park it diagonally in the visitors parking by the road to the right as you drive in.  Parking is at a premium so try and park close to each other.  Watch for the tubs of plants.... street parking is permitted.

We supply cans filled with sand in various areas of the property for your butts.  Please do not butt your cigarettes anywhere but in a proper ashtray or cans provided.  If you cannot find one please come to the office and we'll find one for you. This courtesy is very much appreciated by us and other guests.  Please do not smoke in your cottage.

Please do not allow your pets to run around. Do consider that not all guests are comfortable with dogs. Brandy is the only dog allowed to be 'free' as this is her home.   If you need bags to clean up after your pet we have some in the office.  Please do not tie your dog to any trees; the picnic tables will be fine. Visitor's dogs are not welcome unless permission is granted by Torbay.

It is not permissible to leave your pets alone in the cottage - as this is not the home they are accustomed to we find dogs will bark incessantly and annoy other guests and may also attack furniture and scratch/damage doors and other items.

All of our Cottages are "housekeeping" units, please do not leave dirty dishes when you check out.  If you really don't get around to them consider leaving the cleaning staff a healthy tip; doing dishes is not part of their job.

We provide a blue plastic box in each cottage for recycling.  There are larger recycling containers in front of the office to empty these into when needed.  Please sort your recyclables at the office bins.

We do not normally change the towels during a one week stay except under exceptional circumstances. Please do not take the cottage towels to the beach area! Your own towels should be used for this purpose.

Our Dog Brandy
She loves people, other dogs she puts up with. Please try not to feed her because not only will she then beg forever; she will also gain too much weight. The odd dog biscuit is ok but no bones please without Office approval.  She does not share well, so if there is another pet in the picture please do not feed her.

Beach Toys 
Please return them to their resting place when you have finished your paddling... Thanks. 

Above all we want you to enjoy yourselves, if there is anything you need or something we can do
to make your stay more enjoyable please feel free to come and talk to us. 


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