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Whether you are interested in snowmobiling, cross country or alpine skiing, ice fishing,torbaysledlogo.JPG (4657 bytes)
business or a romantic getaway


Snowmobiling is certainly the most popular event at Torbay, partly because our cottages offer an ideal accommodation solution for couples or groups, and also because of our convenient 'in the city' location and our setting
... right on the shore of Lake Nipissing




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We are situated with direct access to TOP trails from the OFSC feeder (NB309 and SS703) at our front door. You may wish to consider us for your RAN (Ride around Nipissing) or RAP ('Round Algonquin Park) tours, but we find most guests come for two to seven days and take day trips.


Check our local snowmobile club websites for Near North Trail Conditions.


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Check this page for detailed permit purchase info

POLICE FINE FOR NO PERMIT IS $200 TO $1000!!! and does not include a permit

 Police WILL NOT sell permits

Buy Where You Ride
Visit the local club websites (linked below) to obtain lists of locations where permits are sold

The OFSC requires Clubs to list trails as either ''Available", "Unavailable" or "Limited Availability"
 No other descriptions are permitted by OFSC for legal liability reasons

    North Bay Snowmobilers Club     (link to trail condition report)  

North Bay Snowmobilers Club    (Club website)

     South Shore Snowmobile Club   (link to trail condition report)   

South Shore Snowmobile Club   (Club website)

Near North Trail Association

check regional trail conditions at link below:

   NNTA District 11                      Trail Condition Report  

For other area trail conditions visit the Near North Trail Association links:

NNTA    Area Trail Reports

NNTA   Interactive Trail Map

District Club Websites

For area weather charts & forecasts visit our Weather Page

Winter Road Conditions (Ontario - MTO)


The Portage (Formerly The McCoys) on TOP AD at Trout Lake                      (open 7 days a week)

Redbridge General Store on Songis Road at Highway 63 - just off NB300    (open 7 days a week)

Mr. Gas on TOP D at Highway 17                                                                        (open 7 Days a week)

Camp Conewango - Gas is Available             (Open Wednesdays - Sundays from 12 noon to 7pm)

 No Security – Use at Your Own Risk

If riding from Torbay and conditions are marginal, many folk trailer to specific spots from which riding is optimum.
In the North Bay area there are Five Trailer Parking Locations:

1. Sand Dam Road – right turn off Highway 11 approximately 20 kms north of Highway 17 intersection – plowed parking lot on your right 100 metres from Highway 11 intersection – Sand Dam Road also has a sign “Garbage Disposal" Exit out rear of parking lot and you immediately intersect A102Q trail. Left to Temiskaming and to NB308 intersection. Right and cross Highway 11 and you immediately intersect TOP AD trail. ( 46 deg 29'40.22N & 79 30'05.20"W)

2. Lakeside Drive off of Highway 63 (Trout Lake Road), plowed parking lot across from Boat Launch.
 Proceed onto lake and proceed to staked trail TOP D by bearing right. No staked trail to TOP D.  (46 deg 19'35.49"N & 79 deg 24'54.30" W) 

3. The Portage (formerly The McCoys) 170 Peninsula Road on TOP AD trail on Trout Lake with direct access to TOP D, TOP A1 & TOP A2.
 Permission from Owner required for Overnight Parking.  (46 deg 20'05.84"N & 79 deg 20'24.74"W)

4. Redbridge General Store on Highway 63. Daily parking only. Go down Songis Road 500 metres to access NB300. Gas available.
Permission from Owner required.
(46 deg 23'08.65"N & 79 deg15'25.25"W) 

5. The Dinner Bell Restaurant & Hotel on Highway 17 at Bonfield turnoff on BF201 trail.
Permission from Owner required
. (46 deg 16' 10.01" N & 79 deg 08' 22.72" W) 

6. MNR Fish Hatchery Parking Lot south off Highway 63 just past Balsam Creek. Day parking only.
Direct accesss to NB308 at Highway 63 intersection. (46 deg 27'33.56"N & 79 deg 10'09.88W) 



   We ask you to please 'buy where you ride' because much of the money is retained locally for Trail grooming and maintenance.   Remember that it is an army of volunteers who create and maintain all of these great trails.  Both our  local club and the OFSC are non-profit organizations with a mandate to put most of your permit money to work on the trails you ride.

Because this permit money goes first and foremost to the selling club, it is in your own best interest to ensure that you buy from the local club whose trails you ride the most. Ontario snowmobile clubs pay for creation, maintenance and grooming of trails by selling OFSC trail permits. Buy Where You Ride is a basic principle of the OFSC user pay system that says:  invest your permit money on the trails you use the most.
It's only fair to the club and you'll feel the difference too!


RAP Tour    (Ride Around Algonquin)      overview RAPMAP pdf file (5MB)

This 600 Km tour of TOP trail around the outside of Algonquin Park. Most will take about 4 days and three nights, however, it can easily take longer if you break down or get lost or run out of snow.  Keep your maps in order and together. You will need four maps to do the RAP tour. Starting at the bottom of Algonquin Park, you will need the Muskoka Snowmobile Region map, available from the MSR at 1-800-328-7242. This map covers from Kearney to Haliburton. The second map you will need is from the Haliburton County Snowmobile Association at 705-457-4263. The Ottawa Valley Tourist Association prints a map which covers from Barry's Bay to Mattawa at the top of the park. The OVTA map is available at 1-800-757-6580. The OVTA also has a great map of the RAP tour on their website. Click HERE to get to the map. Finally, the Near North Snowmobile region covers trails from Mattawa to Kearney and is available from the office of the NNTA at 1.800.387.0516. Link here for the trail map.  A good map for the Muskoka area is from the Muskoka Snowmobile Region web site. This is in PDF format  HERE.

RAN Tour  (Ride Around Nipissing)         District 11 Map (pdf file (5MB)

The RAN is definitely a shorter ride (perhaps 400km pending route taken), ride in 2 or 3 days, but can be longer depending on the chosen trails. The entire route is covered by the Near North map. Generally there are no snow  issues for the RAN tour although the area around North Bay can be sparse in the shoulder season. There are also some staked trails across the West Arm of Lake Nipissing which can shorten time for sledders in a hurry, however best to check ahead to see what conditions are like. The RAN tour is mostly accomplished using an all land route with one of the highlights the neat bridge across the French River at Hwy 69. We used to partner with several  accommodation providers on the RAN route, however this became too unpredictable and unreliable for us to continue with recommendations.

How to find us:   Torbay is # 10 on the OFSC Trail Map. From the East on TOP A, make your way to TOP D, then take SSR 710 to Lake Nipissing. From the South, as above or alternate D102C to the Lake and SSR 703 north to Torbay. In any event, make your way to the Lake, then you can find us... we are close to the big boys - the Best Western, Comfort Inn, Travelodge and Super 8.



 Ice Fishing 





Park your rig or sled right at your door at Torbay!




Ice fishing is a huge 'sport' on Lake Nipissing, and we have guests from the northern states and southern Ontario who bring their own collapsible huts and others who charter through our associates ...






Torbay does not supply ice fishing huts
however we are happy to connect you
with the right people








              Reed's Outdoor Adventures

Only Ten minutes from the heart of North Bay on beautiful Lake Nipissing!
Modern on ice 4 and 6 person overnight ice fishing bungalows. Day huts available.

Great fishing for whitefish, walleye, perch, herring and northern pike.
Access to OFSC trails is outside your hut door.

Give Dan or Melissa a call to get the details ...
... they will do well by you -   
Dan: 705-497-4804    Melissa: 705-498-4085


See you on the ice!




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